Marchesina Brut

Marchesina Brut is a well chosen mix of Ortrugo, Pinot and Chardonnay grapes, vinificated and elaborated with a very long fermantation and Charmat method, results in a high quality sparkling wine particularly appreciated by those who prefer genuine quality wines.

Our sparkling wine is obtained through a slow fermentation in a small stainless steel vats at controlled temperature for over eight months.

It refines in bottle for at least five months in the antique cellar of the Estate to preserve all the characteristics that make this a lively graceful wine.

A thin terse perlage, light straw color, fruity dry bouquet and lingering aftertaste make an ideal aperitif, or perfect throughout the entire meal.

Serve at 7-8┬░ C.


Suggested recipes:

Squash tortellini with butter and sage