Trattoria Giovanelli

Tortelli con la codaIt is universally known that tortelli are the speciality. Trattoria Giovanelli in Sarturano, in the Agazzano municipality serves tortelli in two versions: butter and sage and mushroom sauce .Every time the choice is arduous so the suggestion is to try both, you will not regret it.

Naturally the menu offers more than these two dishes: mixed cold cuts (pancetta, coppa, salame) pisarei e fasò, mixed roast (veal, salame, guinea-hen), mixed boiled meat with balsamic vinegar and pepper sauce, dessert .

This trattoria started three generations ago, with the canonical division of women in the kitchen (those who claim that a chef is a man’s job should make a trip around the hills of Piacenza to be contradicted) and men in the dining room.

Raffaella and Piera Giovanelli have an irreplaceable creed: everything has to be rigorously in season and in perfect condition. Thus the idea to satisfy clients taste by preparing and selling their dishes in the boutique of the restaurant. It is possible to take away with suggestions on how to conserve and prepare dishes ranging from delicate tortelli to roast coppa.

Marco cares for the wine list and the aging of their cold cuts, prepared according to a family recipe and placed to age in a cellar . The floor of the cellar is covered with wine and spices to give more flavour.

Very honest prices.

Antica Trattoria Giovanelli
Via Centrale, 5 – Loc. Saturano
Agazzano (PC)
Tel. 0523/975155
Closed Mondays and Festivities

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