Castle of Zavattarello

The medieval town of Zavattarello is situated between the Tidone and Morione streams and is completely surrounded by fir, pine and chestnut woods. A small village on the border between Pavese and Val Tidone.

In the X century, Zavattarello belonged to the Monastery of San Colombano in Bobbio: The Castle of Zavattarello dates to that era and dominates the town.

Compact and massive, the castle is surrounded by thick walls up to 4 meters in height making it an efficient military structure never taken by force throughout its very long history. Distinctive and unique, with an intricate system of passages, stairs and internal levels. From the prisons dug in the rocks to the towers, over forty rooms can be visited along with the museum of contemporary art on the last floor.

Throughout the centuries, like most castles in the area, Zavattarello was contended by various families passing  from Guelphs to Ghibelines . In 1385, the castle and feud returned to the Bishop of Bobbio who gave it to the famous leader Jacopo Dal Verme five years later. One hundred years after, Ludovico il Moro induced his niece Chiara Sforza to poison her husband Pietro Dal Verme who had no male heirs. In so doing, il  Moro came into possession of the castle and feud of Zavattarello. Apparently the good soul of Pietro Dal Verme did not take his murder well; so much so that repeated sightings of his ghost are reported around the castle walls as well as mysterious noises and eerie male voices. Others claim to have seen doors open by themselves, chairs move on their own, music scores disappear during a concert to be found later in another room.

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