What to visit in Piacenza

Duomo di Piacenza

Duomo di Piacenza

Podere Casale  is an excellent starting point to reach the numerous locations of artistic and cultural interest in the Piacenza Province. What to visit in Piacenza is a 30 minute drive from Podere Casale and offers a wide selection of museums, churches, and ancient nobel  palaces

Prehistoric findings, archaeological sites, medieval castles, renaissance architecture. Art lovers will have the opportunity to admire portraits, scultures, frescos and rare antique objects

Museums in Piacenza include Collegio Alberoni where  Ecce Homo by Antonello da Messina is exhibited. Palazzo Farnese includes an archaeological section, an exhibition of arms, glass and ceramics, a famous museum of carriages, and numerous paintings including the Botticelli “tondo”

The Palazzo Costa Museum exhibits rooms, furnishings, paintings and objects of the 16th century.

Galleria Ricci Oddi is the modern art gallery with paintings from 1830 to 1930.

The Museum of Natural History, located where the municipal slaughter-house once stood, exhibits zoologic, geologic, botanic and paleontological collections.

The Cathedral of Piacenza  dates to the year 1122 . The front facade is ornated with numerous sculptures attributed to the school of Wiligelmo and Nicolò. The central doorway represents the Zodiac signs – symbol of the ineluctable passage of time

Various famous artists collaborated through the centuries to the construction of the Cathedral.

The wood polyptych (1447) of Antonio Burlengo and Bartolomeo da Groppallo  is located in the presbytery vault painted with frescos at the beginning of the 1600’s by Camillo Procaccini and Ludovico Carracci . The cupola was decorated by Morazzone and Guercino who dedicated his most extensive cycle of frescos to this Cathedral.

Palazzo Gotico  – symbol of Piacenza – was built in 1281 and financed by the powerful merchants Society.

Magnificent masterpiece of gothic architecture, Palazzo Gotico was never completed.

It is Situated in Piazza Cavalli with the bronze equestrian statues of Ranuccio and Alessandro Farnese  work of art dated from 1620 to 1625 by Francesco Mochi  forerunner of baroque style.

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