Farm holidays Castle of Luzzano

Castello di Luzzano Farm holidays Castle of Luzzano can been seen from a distance whether you are driving up the road on the Piacenza side of the valley or the road from Oltrepo Pavese. The red colored homes for the farmers and the 700’s Provence colored customhouse refurbished a few years ago stand out.

Today these constructions host apartments and a restaurant where the local wines and typical dishes are served. The Castle, which became the residence of the Fugazza Family at the beginning of the 19th Century, dominates the surroundings.

On the border between Piacenza and Pavia, it can be considered a place to come back to. For those who have experienced the pleasure of the surroundings and the hospitality but above all for the lady who manages everything with taste, creativity and passion, from the wine to the hospitality. Giovanella Fugazza was a lawyer but ever since her childhood, with her sister Maria Giulia, she would come back whenever possible.

She relates: “We were born here and spent our childhood here .We loved our farmers, their wisdom, their soups so simple but so tasty, their tales narrated in the warmth of the stables, much better than Grimm’s fairytales and our cook ‘s souffle’. We were forced to go live in Piacenza to get adequate schooling but we were very fond of our land and got back as often as possible. Our father supported this attachment by involving us since we were children in the management and decisions.” In 1980 Giovanella leaves her job as a lawyer and takes over the Estate.

Today, aside from the vineyards and the wine-making, there is a farm holidays and a restaurant Dogana Vecchia where it is possible to dine in the three lovely indoor rooms or out on the terrace in the warmer season. The cuisine is from the bordering Piacenza and Pavia provinces as are the wines from the Colli Piacentini and the Oltrepo Pavese.

Castle of Luzzano
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