Farm Holidays in the Piacenza Province

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Farm Holidays in the Piacenza Province in the Corriere della Sera  (1992 – 2011 )

There are infinite possibilities to find information on-line. Extremely useful research material is available on line from the archives of major newspapers. Comfortably seated in front of your pc or tablet, you can consult articles on just about any subject  published in newspapers in the last ten years. We therefore wish to offer a brief history of farm holidays in the Province of Piacenza as related by the press. We have chosen the oldest and most prestigious Italian newspaper – “Il Corriere della Sera”

Two key words – farm holidays and Piacenza province  – in the archives of the Corriere  provided 35 articles written from 1992 to 2011. 19 years during which the Milanese paper dedicated at least one article a year and up to 5 articles in 2003 and 2005. Only two years lacked articles – 1995 and 2008.

Let us examine the recurring themes covered by the journalists of the Corriere related to farm holidays in the province of Piacenza. First and foremost the  traditional and  genuine cuisine of the Piacenza province .

Eight out of thirtyfive articles are dedicated to good eating – more than 23%. The  list of the most significant begins November 10th ,2002, page 26. In the Corriere Della Sera Giancarlo Martelli writes an article entitled “ Biological  – maxi oasis in the Valleys of Piacenza.” An initiative promoted by the Province of Piacenza for the establishment of a  environment certification trade mark for the Piacenza Appenines – Val D’Arda, Val Tidone, Val Nure and Val Trebbia. In these hills and mountains, in an uncontaminated environment, The Natural Valley Project is taking shape. The project aims at creating an area ( over 62,000 hectares of cultivated or grazing land and woods) the largest Italian oasis of biological clean agriculture. An experiment destined to be extended to the entire production chain and to involve all related professions. In fact Martelli writes: “ the involvement of farm holidays and restaurants in the project is being considered and shortly a project for the breeding of pigs in the wild will begin for the launch of a line of cold cuts of “excellence”.

A year later, November 11th, 2002, Daniela Monti on page 22, writes an article entitled “Massage at the restaurant – last challenge against stress”. Miss Monti explains that Milan launched the mode of offering anti-stress massages during the interval between courses. Her name is Paola and her massages are on Wednesdays. The relaxed environment, no smoking, a carefully studied menu – a flute of champagne with fresh strawberries, gnocchi with chestnuts and porcini mushrooms, shrimp carpaccio with citrus juice, and then Paola’s massage. All this is now available at Oasi a farm holiday in the province of Piacenza.

July 2nd,2003, Massimo Valerio Visintin on page 5 and 9 of Vivi Milano, writes a reportage about outings entitled: “ A table in the green – an escape from the city.” Protagonist a farm holiday in the province of Piacenza where the classical dishes of the Piacenza cuisine are served: torta fritta ( a type of panzerotto fried in lard ) served with coldcuts; pisarei and fasoeu, tortelli, tagliolini with vegetable sauce, penne all’arrabbiata, oven baked pork shin, grilled lamb chops, minced horse meat, carpaccio with rucola and parmigiano cheese, pears and chocolate, sbrisolona, apple pie. The environment is that of a typical trattoria with a fresh touch in the wood furnishings and white walls. Under the pergola, after which the farm holiday is named, 40 persons can be seated an view the surrounding piazza. The BEST  - torta fritta. The BAD – A two weeks reservation is required at times not sufficient for a table under the pergola.

October 22nd,2003, Giorgio Canni , page 57 Corriere Della Sera, informs us  of the upcoming “mese delle maialate” ( months dedicated to porc meat). In a farm holiday in the hills of the Piacenza province, the heavy- weight Italian pig has been re-introduced. A breed that weighs up to 250 kilograms,  perfect for the preparation of the exquisite culatello and also salame, sausage, pancetta, coppa, lard and ciccioli. Hand crafted, these products can e bought in boutiques or tasted directly in farm holidays.

The same author February 19th, 2006, page 19, gives advise for a horseback outing in the hills of Piacenza.”It is the ideal place for all those who horseback riding. Whether expert or a beginner, La Bosana di Piozzano offers the possibility to go horseback riding in the hills or experience the thrill of a first time on a saddle in the riding stables. The family estate covers 30 hectares in the green hills of Val Luretta. The perfect setting for breeding Arab and Anglo-Arab horses. Aside from horseback riding, La Bosana also has a restaurant where it is possible to taste traditional dishes in front of a grand fireplace.

Canni continues to write reportages regarding excursions in the province of Piacenza and  an article written March 24th, 2010, in Vivi  Milano, relates:” Saturday night –  music and karaoke in the hills of VaL Trebbia on a panoramic terrace from which on clear days it is possible to see the Alps.”