Farm holidays La Madre Pietra

Agriturismo La madre pietra It can take an entire day to get to Pietra Parcellara if you drive slowly by car or even more slowly by bike or if you are horseback riding up the route that crosses Pastori, Caverzago, Vei, Montà, Freddezza, Brodo, Donceto.

Tiny villages that lead to the top of the Pietra summit. If you are lucky, you will come across the “lunaria argentea,” a plant with flowers that look like silver coins upon which the moon reflects its light. Pietra Parcellara is a magic place with mysterious tales that date back to the Celtic period.

You will hear some of these stories in the rooms of farm holidays La Madre Pietra, situated half way along the route and owned by Marina Schiavi. A perfect stop on your way to Pietra Parcellara where it is possible to taste dishes prepared with products from the farm.

Beef, chickens, mixed berries, excellent marmalades, home made bread and traditional dishes of the Piacenza territory are the products you will find. Perfect on a summer day when you can sit in the sun and breathe in the clean air. There is also ample space for children to play. Open spaces overlooking the Trebbia Valley where the epic battles of Annibale took place.

Agriturismo La Madre Pietra
Loc. Pietra di Bobbiano – Travo (PC)
Tel.&Fax 0523/950516

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