Farm holidays Racemus

Farm holidays Racemus Farm holidays Racemus where, without doubt, the best “tortelli piacentini con la coda” (literally ravioli with a tail) are served with butter and sage or a mushroom sauce. Both are superb and are served by Laura and her daughter Paola at the Farm holidays Racemus where they both excellently do their job in the kitchen .

Roberto Civardi, once a cellar master, proposes an original “your appetite comes by walking” and will accompany you on walks to discovery unknown places and prickly pears growing on a an ancient castle wall. A gigantic meal awaits your return and tortelli are just one of the courses.

The dining-room seats about 40 and in the summertime meals are served on a terrace overlooking the valley below. There are also a few rooms for a longer stay where you will get an incomparable view of vineyards and the natural beauty of the Tidone Valley.

It is worth quoting Paolo Massobrio to have an idea of the place which guide books describe as “ worth the trip”: “It is unknown to guides and guru, Gutturnio is also sold as cask wine and is produced with passion and morality. This is a place where it is still possible to drink everyday wine.”

Luckily, years ago, Roberto Civardi resisted the temptation to find a job in the city and according to his father have a better life. What can be better than Laura’s tortelli?

Agriturismo Racemus
Località Montecucco 209
Ziano Piacentino (PC)
Tel. 0523/868112

Picture: Agriturismo Racemus

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