Le Proposte Restaurant

A dinner in the garden overlooking the Padana Valley is worth the drive to Le Proposte Restaurant.

The road to Corano, a small suburb of Borgonovo Val Tidone , passes through flourishing vineyards.The restaurant has been built in that which was supposed to be the summer home of Danila Ratti and her husband Luigi.

But both Danila and Luigi are the kind of persons that just do not know how to be inactive. Thus Danila, after years in the wine business, decides to take advantage of her competence, her passion for cooking and her love of being with people. The restaurant has a charming warm environment furnished just like a home.You breathe the warm atmosphere the minute you walk in and you continue to feel it through the meal assisted by Danila, cook and sommelier who knows how to manages her relationship with her clients.

The restaurant seats 30 indoors and 30 outdoors where the beautiful scenery matches perfect cuisine. Danila Ratti knows how to satisfy palates, home made pasta, in the summer tagliolini filled with vegetables from her vegetable garden are a special treat; meats that range from exquisite beef to goose prepared according to an old family recipe. The grand classsics of the piacenza cuisine are always on the menu.

Everything is magically spontaneous. Two French tourist have written “Ici la Veritè” in the guest book. Confirmed by the right price.

Ristorante Le Proposte
Località Corano
Borgonovo Val Tidone (PC)
Tel. 0523 845503
Chiuso lunedì e martedì

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