Malaspina Dal Verme Castle

The construction of the Malaspina Dal Verme Castle initiated in 1304 by order of Corradino Malaspina and remained a stronghold of Ghibelline policy for the duration of his lordship.

Situated on a hill overlooking Bobbio, the castle was built incorporating a previous abbey.

Visconti of Milan became the owner with various vicissitudes until 1436 when it became a feud of the Dal Verme Family with considerable land and properties.

In the middle of the 16th century, Gian Maria Dal Verme changed the defensive function of the castle to a magnificent elegant residence.The Dal Verme Family of Bobbio remained owners until 1759 when ,owing to their extinction, the castle passed to the Dal Verme Family of Piacenza.

Since the beginning of the 19th century the castle is privately owned.

Malaspina Dal Verme CastleIn 1956 the castle became property of the Italian State and management entrusted to Superintendence of Architectural Heritage and Landscape of Emilia – Bologna.

External walls, once connected to the walls of the town , were destroyed while there are traces of the internal walls . Inside the area there is a square fortified tower with massive walls. The entrance originally was in correspondence with the north west drawbridge.

According to legends handed down by the inhabitants of Bobbio, a bladed pit was built in the circular south east tower which was later filled and closed.

The walls of the pit were covered with numerous sharp blades. The bottom of the pit was connected to a secret room with no way out.

According to the legends, the room was so terrible that those misfortunate thrown in the pit preferred death cut by blades rather than a slow agony in the dungeon.

There are also alleged sights of ghosts. Many claim to have seen them walking over the walls and are supposedly the souls without peace of those condemned to the bladed pit.

Today the central square tower is what remains of the original castle. From the internal courtyard it is possible to get a wonderful view of Bobbio and the surrounding mountains.

The tower is divided in five floors.There are two large rooms with XV and XVI century furnishings, a large fire place with the Dal Verme coat of arms, and traces of mural decorations including a 16th century Madonna with Child and one of a warrior.

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