The castle of Boffalora

The castle of Boffalora

The castle of Boffalora

Situated on a hill at about 300 metersabove sea level, along the route from Agazzano to Pianello Val Tidone, in a splendid panoramic position about 30 kilometers from Piacenza, the Castle is mentioned the first time in 1412 when it was enfeoffed to the Arcelli by Visconti

Its strategic position was ideal for the control of the routes running from the Po river to the Apennines.

Built in origin as a military fortress, it underwent numerous modifications and was transformed  to a residence for noble families and became a cultural centre full of precious works of art.

The history of this castle is marked by the numerous passages in property often determined by murders, fraud, or extinction of noble families for lack of heirs. Today the castle is privately owned,  partially abandoned and in need of refurbishment.

The brick castle is quadrangular and has five towers. Inside a monumental staircase leads to the upper floors –  A portico on the ground level and a 17th Century loggia at the upper level . Worthy of mention the grand halls on the first floor with coffer ceiling and decorative frescos: the music room, the dining-room, and a series of lavishly decorated rooms plus a beautiful garden overlooking the valley towards Piacenza.

Lastly, the small chapel dedicated to Saint Joseph with the relics of Saint Felice Martyr.


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Picture: wikipedia


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