Trattoria Braghieri

Trattoria Braghieri

Trattoria Braghieri

Ten minutes from Piacenza, Castel San Giovanni and Borgonovo. Surrounded by the Piacenza countryside, with fields of wheat in front of the entrance, Trattoria Braghieri has that slightly retro charm that attracts: Coca Cola frig at the entrance, 50’s style bar, the right kind of noisy atmosphere, clients captivated by the absolutely authentic piacenza cuisine . Women in the kitchen and in the dining room managing this small temple of delicacies.

Silvio Braghieri founded the restaurant in 1921. Two dining rooms and a menu which proposes the favorite recipies with the ingredients and the preparation of the traditional Piacenza cuisine: cold cuts aged in loco, tortelli with ricotta cheese and greens, home made tagliatelle, cooked salame, braised donkey, stewed boar.

The chef, Floriana Braghieri cooks boar very slowly to exhault all the flavours this recipie offers. This is one the favorite places for lovers of game, a type of cusine that is reasserting the organoleptic and nutritional value of this dish.

The restaurant seats 100 but owing to its fame, it is best to reserve a table and start an authentic journey in the gastronomic culture of Piacenza.

Prices make it worth the trip.



Antica Trattoria Braghieri
Località Centora, 21
Rottofreno (PC)
Closed Mondays

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