Farm holidays Agronauta

Agriturismo AgronautaThe library Stefano Zucconi has created for his guests, titles are on line in his website, are worth the trip to the Piacenza territory where this young man has chosen to live. The Farm Holiday has a strange name: agronauta, two words in one, in Latin agro means field and in Greek nauta means traveller. This in itself is enough to give an idea of the restless nature of the founder and his surroundings.

A restlessness which is simply the desire to get to know his guests, tell them about the surroundings, offer suggestions of places to visit, things to do and what to taste. The Facebook page of the Farm Holidays gives an idea of the beauty awaiting those who decide to gift themselves a vacation of beautiful surroundings and good food. Stefano provides GPS coordinates for the landscapes in his pictures.

The Farm Holiday includes 4 mini-apartments and 2 double rooms at extremely competitive prices, even more so if you choose to bring your own sheets and towels ( or even a sleeping bag).

The restaurant is open only on week-ends because the apartments are all equipped with a kitchen. There is a fixed menu which includes two first courses of home made traditional pasta dishes ( tortelli, pisarei e faso’, chicche della nonna, anolini in broth, various soups, polenta with a selection of sauces ) regional cold cuts and cheese, fresh, steamed or pickled vegetables from his garden, home-made bread and desserts, coffee, water and ¼ lt. of wine. Again the price is a pleasant surprise.

A 70 metre meeting room is also available.

Agriturismo Agronauta
Strada Montecanino7, località Vezzanino
Piazzano (PC)
Tel. 0523/970436

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