Farm holidays Case Galli

Agriturismo Case Galli Only an hour, even less, from the cities of Lombardia, at an altidude of 350 metres above sea level, in the hills of the Tidone Valley, an enchanting, peaceful, serene, healthy atmosphere surrounds the view of distance cities.

Farm holidays Case Galli is a perfect place to stop and take in the view of all the surrounding vineyards. Grapes are the main cultivation , furthermore this is the area where the Ortrugo grape was recuperated, an autochthonous vine of Piacenza with no other parental clone in the world.

The wines of the Estate are served with the traditional dishes of the Piacenza cuisine in the spacious restaurant room or in the summer on the veranda. Mixed cold cuts from Piacenza, pisarei e fasò, tortelli, roast meat, boiled meat in the winter, various choices of poultry and a selection of home-made cakes and pies.

There are accommodations for twenty people in either apartments or rooms. A lake for game fishing is within the perimeter of the Estate. Aside from the vineyards and the wine-making, cereals and vegetables are cultivated and poultry is bred.

A curiosity: farm holidays Case Galli is in the middle of the Ziano Piacentino Municipality, City of Wine with the highest density of vineyards per square metre on a national level.

Farm holidays Case Galli
Località Albareto – Ziano Piacentino

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