Gutturnio Superiore doc

Gutturnio Superiore

Gutturnio Superiore doc is obtained exclusively from selected Barbera and Bonarda grapes which grow in exceptional vineyards in the hills of our Estate.

The grapes are picked and crushed separately and vinification takes place according to the antique Marchesato Podere Casale method.

The wine thus obtained naturally ferments in vats and then for a controlled period in small oak barrels where it slowly matures and its noble characteristic aroma is exalted.

A violet-red winey aroma, pleasant almond taste, smooth, full body wine that acquires personality with age.

Ideal with red and white meat, roast, braised beef, and all typical Padana Valley dishes.

Serve at 18-20┬░ C.


Suggested recipes:

Tagliatelle with walnut sauce

Rice timbale

Veal roast a la Farnese

Roast coppa

Stew alla piacentina

Lamb a la Piacentina