Stew alla piacentina

Stracotto alla piacentinaStew alla piacentina is one of the classic recipes of the Piacenza cuisine: the classic recipe calls for horse meat, but variations use beef. The taste is slightly different but always valid.

This recipe follows the Emiliano tradition but is revisited in the cooking process: a pressure cooker will be used to cut cooking time in half without altering taste. A trick for modern families , where all the members work and there is not much time to dedicate to cooking.

This preparation is not complicated.



500/600 grams beef
3 garlic cloves
Tomato pulp
Two glasses red wine
1 onion
50 grams butter
100 grams lard
1 carrot
1 celery



Stracotto alla piacentina ingredienti


Place butter in the pressure cooker and slowly  melt on a low flame. Brown garlic and onion ( make sure you do not burn otherwise the entire preparation can be tossed)

Stracotto alla piacentina preparazione

Wash carrot and celery, dice in not too small pieces: add to the pressure cooker with the lard cut in cubes, add tomato pulp and one glass of red wine.

Then add the broth and the other glass of wine.


stracotto alla piacentina preparazione 2

Place the meat in the center of the cooker and completely cover with broth.


Stracotto alla piacentina cottura

At this point, adjust to a moderate flame and cook for 45 minutes.

Stracotto alla piacentina cottura a vapore

Once cooking is completed, open the pressure cooker to check that the sauce is reduced and meat is tender. At this point  stew alla piacentina is ready. Slice the meat and serve with polenta or spinach and a glass of red wine: GUTTURNIO SUPERIORE PODERE CASALE

Stracotto alla piacentina servito

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