Dining on the border between Colli Piacentini and Oltrepo Pavese

Dining on the border between Colli Piacentini and Oltrepo PaveseDining on the border between Colli Piacentini and Oltrepo Pavese is quite a singular experience. Tradition, dialects, even wines mix in an area where the border is simply administrative and the names given to dishes and wines mark the difference. But the style, the way of welcoming and the landscape continue endlessly.

For this reason, with Podere Casale, I have selected and reviewed about 20 trattorie, restaurants and agriturismi on both sides of the border, to give guests the possibility to savor lunch and dinner between Lombardia and Emilia and always feel at home.

Dishes, in most cases, are traditional but every place has its own touch, an extra flavor, a mysterious ingredient that enhances its distinctive trait. The pleasure is in this capacity to break the monotony and create a personal classification of the best tortello or any other recipie.

Luigi Franchi

Antica Trattoria del Tempio Loc. Vicobarone Tel. 0523 868263

Ristorante Casabella   Loc. Casabella Tel. 0523 862840

Ristorante Le Proposte  Loc. Corano  Tel  0523 845503

Agriturismo Racemus  Loc. Montecucco, 209  Ziano Piacentino (PC) Tel. 0523 868112

Agriturismo Case Galli  Loc. Albareto Ziano Piacentino (PC) Tel. 0523 860180

Agriturismo La Barlocca Loc. Pollo di Seminò Ziano Piacentino (PC)  Tel. 0523 863332

Agriturismo Il Negrese  Loc. Il Negrese  Ziano Piacentino (PC) Tel. 0523 864804

Agriturismo Castello di Luzzano  Loc. Luzzano  Ziano Piacentino (PC) Tel. 0523 863277

Agriturismo Le Tradizioni di Elide Frazione Ca’ Nicelli, 6 Rovescala (PV) Tel. 0385 75480

Agriturismo Da Prati Loc. Begoglio, Santa Maria della Versa (PV), Tel. 038579324

Agriturismo Agronauta Strada Montecanino 7, Loc. Vezzanino, Piozzano (PC) Tel. 0523 970436

Agriturismo Paderna Loc. Paderna di Rezzanello, Gazzola (PC) Tel. 0523 976661

Agriturismo La Madre Pietra Loc. Pietra di Bobbiano, Travo (PC) Tel. 0523 950516

Osteria la Piazzetta Loc. Genepreto Nibbiano Tel. 0523 990233

Trattoria Chiarone  Loc. Chiarone Piannelo Val Tidone  Tel 0523 998311

Ristorante Sasseo Località Sasseo, 3 Santa Maria della Versa (PV) Tel. 0385 278563

Antica Trattoria Giovanelli Via Centrale, 5 – Loc. Sarturano Agazzano (PC) Tel. 0523 975155

Locanda del Falco Castello di Rivalta Gazzola (PC) Tel. 0523 978101

Antica Trattoria Braghieri Località Centora, 21 Rottofreno (PC) Tel. 0523 781123

Luigi FranchiLuigi Franchi begins his career as a photographer; landscapes and products photographed in the 80’s are published in some of the most important national newspapers; descriptions of photos follow and in no time, companies, producers associations, local governments entrust Luigi Franchi with the task of publicizing products and territories. He has coordinated projects of territory development and events for the promotion of tourism and food on a national basis.

He has published various books about food & beverage and architecture.

As journalist, he is  managing editor of  Ristorazione & Catering, a bimonthly national publication distributed to restaurants and food industry and the digital magazine Italy to Savor, diffused in 103 countries.

Pubblications written by or in collaboration with: The first edition of the Guide of Wine Tourism in Italy for the Movimento Turismo Del Vino, (1997), Parks and Enogastronomic Tourism (2004) volume assigned by the Ministry of Environment and Territory Protection in collaboration with the Associazione Nazionale Città Del Vino; Marketing of the Strade Del Vino Agra-Rai   Eri Edition (2005), Atlante Alimentare Piacentino, with Valentina Bernardelli (2007) “Cuo-chi, due anime in cucina” with Alessandra Locatelli, GLEditore (2009), Dalle Terre Traverse al Po, GL Editore (2010), I Colli Piacentini, GL.Editore (2010).

Co-author of the publications Il Pomodoro Piacentino e I Salumi Piacentini, GL. Editore (2011)

And a Guide dedicated to restaurants Meglio Prenotare Edizioni Catering (2011 and 2012)

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