Piacenza Hills


Agriturismo near Milan

Are you wondering which time would be best to have a break without going too far from Milan? Would you like to know the best destinations depending on the time of the year? Well, in this article you will find the right answer to your questions, in this small guide of Agriturismo in the various seasons from Spring to Winter.


The name of this town most probably dates to the Romans. In 1651, P. Maria Campi wrote in Historia Ecclesiastica di Piacenza that the name comes from the latin Vicus Varroni, which literally means Village of Varrone, in honor of an influential roman.

Val d’Arda valley

Val d’Arda is the most eastern valley of the Piacenza province, it is crossed from south to north by the Arda stream, borders on the east with the province of Parma, to the west with Val Nure and the Po river delimits the northern border.