Agriturismo near Milan

Are you wondering which time would be best to have a break without going too far from Milan? Would you like to know the best destinations depending on the time of the year? Well, in this article you will find the right answer to your questions, in this small guide of Agriturismo in the various seasons from Spring to Winter.

Easter in agriturismo close to Milan

Ragazze che brindano

As the saying goes, Christmas with the family, Easter with whom you like. We all agree, but the hard part is choosing a destination. Sea, lake, mountain or some exotic destination ? Perhaps, it depends on the amount of time available, on work and obviously on our budget. Yet, without spending much, without going too far , taking full advantage of our precious time without getting trapped in traffic to reach crowded places, it is possible to spend a relaxing Easter vacation in beautiful places not far from Milan.

You are wondering where this is possible. The answer is simple, simply go to the green hills of Val Tidone, covered with vineyards and full of castles, churches, palaces rich in history, charm and beauty.

There are numerous agriturismi where you can eat and where you can stay: at the end of this article you will find a list of suggestions.

But before we satisfy our bodily needs, let us care for our spirit through the paths of the soul that can be covered in the Piacenza province. There are various sanctuaries, such as the sanctuary of the Madonna della quercia in Bettola, or important religious centers such as Bobbio, which definitely deserves to be visited, as well as the ancient roads crossed by pilgrims such as via degli Abati or the via Francigena.

If instead you love cities of art, you will be happy to know that Piacenza, not well known from this point of view, is a destination that should not be missed.

It is an ancient city, founded by the Romans, and full of palaces and churches to visit. You can find information in the post dedicated to the four churches to visit in Piacenza. There are also museums: Palazzo Farnese, Collegio Alberoni and Galleria Ricci Oddi.

Therefore, if you decide to spend Easter vacation in an agriturismo in the Piacenza province you will not risk getting bored.

Spring in agriturismo close to Milan

An Attractive Couple Enjoying A Glass Of Wine in the Park Together.

When winter is over and nature comes to life, the days get longer, the temperatures are warmer and you want to get outdoors, visit new places , have outdoor barbeques and go to the countryside. Of course there are parks in your city, or bike routes along the navigli that take you to the outskirts of  the city, but you are looking for something more, the sensation of getting away from the frenetic chaos of Milan, you want to escape tight schedules, stressful deadlines, exhausting routines.

You would like to escape,  take refuge on an island, or a deserted mountain chalet, all tempting, but terribly far away and you cannot or do not want to go too far from home.

So what can you do? Simply, only sixty chilometers south of the Madonnina, on the green and welcoming hills of Piacenza, you will find relaxation, clean air, good cuisine, and everything you need to take a break for a few days without going to far off places.

The rolling hills of Val Tidone , from which you can dominate the Po valley and admire the Alps, are there waiting for you. Simply book a room in your favourite agriturismo and go.

Abundant libations, rest and relax await you.

Perhaps total idleness is not for you? No need to worry, the hills of Piacenza offer non stop possibilities. Spring is the ideal season to visit the Archeological Park of Veleia Romana also known as the Pompei of the North, or the Neolithic Park of Travo. For those who love nature, we suggest visiting the Pietra Corva Alpine Garden where various varieties of peonies, gentians, roses, and edelweiss can be admired.

Summer in agriturismo close to Milan

La piscina di Podere Casale

Summer in the city can be muggy and hot and the desire to find somewhere cooler, maybe a nice swimming pool, is great.

But when the temperatures rise, city swimming pools are crowded, too many people, too much confusion, too little space in and out of the water.


What can be done? Fly to  a deserted Greek island? Possible but not very convenient with airplanes and boats and all the bother.

An agriturismo with a swimming pool in the hills of Piacenza is the solution, preferably one with a limited number of rooms and a swimming pool reserved exclusively for guests. Your weekend will be refreshing, relaxing and reinvigorating.

After an afternoon by the pool, the evening can be dedicated to the many country festivals that animate the breezy evenings in the hills, under the stars, with live music and good food.
In June

  • the Busslanein festival in Rottofreno
  • the fish festival in Pontenuro
  • the glee festival in Gropparello

In July

  • Saint Anna festival in Pietra Perduca
  • Enogastronomic festival in Piozzano
  • Polenta festival in Vernasca
  • Arts and Crafts Fair in Pianello Val Tidone
  • Gnocco fritto festival at Moretta

In August

  • Wine and grape festival in Bacedasco Alto
  • Frog festival in Fontana Pradosa
  • Cotechino festival in Pianello Val Tidone
  • Saint Elena festival in Rottofreno
  • Polenta festival in Vigolzone
  • Bortellina bettolese festival in Bettola
  • San Rocco Assunta festival in Castel San Giovanni
  • Dancing under the stars in Vicobarone
  • Shortcrust pie festival in Pecorara

In September

  • Scottish fest in Sarmato
  • Healthy living festival in San Pietro in Cerro
  • Broiled duck festival in Valconasso
  • Apple festival in Villanova sull’Arda
  • Mushroom festival in San Giorgio Piacentino
  • Spisigona festival in Gragnano
  • Grape festival in Gropparello
  • Donkey festival in Pontenure
  • Duck festival in Pievetta di Castel San Giovanni
  • Burtleina festival in Casaliggio
  • Chisola festival in Borgonono Val Tidone

Autumn in agriturismo close to Milan


Autumn is the best season for a week end in an agriturismo close to Milan.

The colors, the scents and the flavors of Autumn cannot easily be forgotten, where all senses will pleasantly be stimulated during a vacation or week end enjoyably rich in exciting discoveries. How?

In an agriturismo. Where? Here, close by, only an hours drive south of Milan, in the lovely Colli Piacentini.

The colors

The rolling hills of the Piacenza province are covered with vineyards and are inflamed with warm autumn colors: yellow, red, orange, that decorate the rural uncontaminated  landscape full of fascination and ideal for adventurous excursions to discover churches, medieval towns, castles, ghosts and esoteric mysteries

The aromas

The aroma of must comes out strong from the cellar vats, where the grapes have just been harvested and the ancestral process of transformation begins and will bring excellent wines. But there is also the aroma of wood burning in fireplaces on the first cold days adding a romantic atmosphere of days gone by. Lastly, the aroma of food, the typical dishes of the Piacenza cuisine that will tempt your tastebuds and rapture your heart.

The flavors

Osterie, trattorie, and agriturismi await you to offer the best enogastronomic dishes of the Piacenza territory to seduce and captivate you with the specialties such as gnocco fritto, pisarei e fasò and tortelli con la coda, or delicious second courses such as roast coppa  or picula ad caval. And above all, the flavors of the typical local DOC wines such as Gutturnio frizzante,  Gutturnio Superiore and Gutturnio Riserva, Bonarda frizzante, and the white DOC wines Ortrugo frizzante and Malvasia passito.

Things to do

Autumn is the best time of the year to visit the numerous castles of the province, each tied to a legend, each with its ghost.

And then there are the villas, Casa Verdi in Villanova Val d’Arda, Villa Braghieri in Castel San Giovanni and casa museo of Giovannino Guareschi in Busseto.

Accomodations in agriturismo close to Milan in every season

In the comfortable rooms of agriturismo Podere Casale you can choose the type of vacation you prefer. Bed and breakfast for a night or a weekend, or an apartment for a longer vacation. In any case, you will find what you desire, in every season , if you are looking for rest and relaxation in an agriturismo close to Milan. To book click here.

Where to eat in agriturismo close to Milan in every season

The best agriturismi, restaurants and trattorie on the border between Colli Piacentini and Oltrepò pavese, are reviewed by the enogastronomic journalist Luigi Franchi. Read here.


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