Tortelli with tail ends

Tortelli con la coda

Tortelli with tail ends are never missing from a” Piacentina” table: this dish belongs to the oldest tradition and dates to the year 1351 when invented by the chefs of the Vigolzone castle in honor of Francesco Petrarca, then guest of the nobleman Bernardo Anguissola. This tradition is so strongly felt in Vigolzone that in honor of this dish a grand festival is organized every year which lasts for five days and involves the entire town.




For Tortello
400 grams white flour
2 eggs
For the filling
300 grams spinach
40 grams parmigiano cheese
200 grams ricotta cheese
One egg
For sauce
Grated parmigiano cheese


The difficulty of this recipe is being able to give the right shape to the tortelli, so do not worry if at first the shape is not perfect. It takes time and practice. Place the flour on the table in the shape of a fountain.

Tortelli con la coda ingredienti

In the middle of the fountain add eggs and salt. Work the flour and eggs until you obtain a smooth dough which you will spread out and thin out with a rolling pin. Divide in strips 8 centimeters in width. Each strip should then be divided in 4 centimeter squares. Place your filling on each square.

Tortelli con la coda ripieno
Preparation of the filling  

Wash the spinach in abundant hot water and cook in salted water. Once cooked, strain and wring out the water in a cotton cloth. Make sure the spinach are dry then mince, add egg, ricotta, parmigiano cheese, nutmeg and mix until a smooth filling is obtained.
Tortelli con la coda preparazione

Tortelli con la coda preparazione 2

Tortelli con la coda preparazione 3

Once the filling has been placed on the square, the delicate part consists in folding the square to form a triangle. Delicately twist the two angles to form a sort of braid with two thin tails.

Tortelli con la coda la sfoglia

The tortelli are ready to be cooked in abundant salted boiling water.

Cook until” al dente,” attention just a few minutes, then strain and place in your pasta dish and pour in the melted butter, add a few leaves of sage and grated parmigiano cheese.

Your dish is ready to be served with a glass of white wine: Podere Casale Ortrugo frizzante

Tortelli con la coda abbinamento

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