Maneggi in Val Tidone


Riding stables in Val Tidone and Val Luretta: horseback riding lessons, guided excursions, intensive courses from first approach to advanced level.

“Ask me to show you poetry in motion, I will show you a horse”; Ben Jonson affirmed this and he was certainly right. Above all in Val Tidone, where there are numerous riding stables and horse lovers have a wide choice of structures as well as of horses.

Below is a list of stables to be found in Val Tidone.

La Bosana

La Bosana Società Semplice Agricola – via Canova 12 – Piozzano (PC). Tel e fax: 0523 970149

La Bosana certainly has an evocative name: Società Semplice Agricola. There are not only stables but it is a farm estate located on the rolling hills of the Piacenza province at an altitude of 450 meters where temperatures are agreeable all year long.

Located in the heart of Val Luretta, the Estate is surrounded by medieval castles which create an alluring atmosphere. Lovers of nature and horses will find thoroughbred Arab horses and liveries.

Breeding  respects the biological rhythms of the animals that are  free to run in the mountain pastures.

Il Boardo

A.s.d. La Collina del Boardo via Costa Rosa, 7 – 29015 Castel San Giovanni (PC). Tel 393-9371663

La Collina del Boardo is half way between being a dream and a reality, where nature, love of animals and services come together to offer all that can be desired.

Children are the special guests of the structure: there are numerous courses dedicated to them from first approach to advanced level.

La Collina Del Boardo is an Amateur Sports Association affiliated to CNS Libertas: those who wish to learn this sport must have serious and qualified professionals.

Poderetto Madame

I Ronchi Agazzano (PC). Tel. 3398812536

Poderetto Madame is an amateur sports association affiliated with CONI and ENDAS for ethical horseback riding based on respect of animals: a horse is a sentient being and must thus be recognized and protected, in the same manner great attention is given to the otherness of the animal: the differences between man and horse are considered a wealth and not a limitation.

The “Ethical School” is based on these principles, where itineraries are carefully chosen for man and horse, for a mutually enriching relationship. At Poderetto a horse is not simply a means of transportation but a life companion.


Pecorara,  km. 5  SP34, 29010 (PC). Tel. 0523.999196 – 340.4862770

Also at Cascinema horses are considered special beings: strong, courageous and patient, able to transport people anywhere, surrounded by the splendid surrounding landscape of Val Tidone.

Cascinema offers all this: basic horseback riding lessons for children and adults, and guided excursions to the surrounding countryside.

Excursions include “basic” outings of an hour, suitable for all; or more difficult levels with additional trekking.

All the horses are trained and docile: Mahna (2002) mixed blood Appaloosa spots, suitable for beginners: Sarabanda (2007) the youngest horse: Italian saddle, important pedigree (father Competent M). There are also geldings: Giove del Baltico (2002) baio with maremmane origins, Taris In Out (1996) an Appalosa and Schirò (2006) Andaluso. Horses for every level.

Allevamento Del Ghiro

Loc. La Colombara, 1 – 29010 Pianello Val Tidone (Pc). Tel. 0523.994729 Cell. 335.6137866.

Del Ghiro offers everything required by horse lovers: breeding, livery, riding lessons.

Horseback riding is not considered simply a sport but something much more profound; a passion, a lifestyle.

Lessons not only teach how to ride, but to learn to know the horse, love the animal and through grooming, a special relationship is established with the animal.

English riding is taught at various levels from basic to higher levels which include national contests and obstacle jumping.

All instructors have a FISE qualification.

For those who do not have a lot of time, there are intensive courses that last a week for those who have never ridden a horse.

Staying in the farm offers the possibility to spend a lot of time with animal. Lessons can be individual or group.

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