Rice alla Primogenita

Rice alla primogenitaRice alla Primogenita is a typical first course of the Piacenza culinary tradition with its unique flavor, intense aroma and delightful color ( given by the saffron ). This dish is actually considered a first and second course because it contains many ingredients, including three different types of meat, mushrooms, prosciutto, thus very filling: traditionally it was served on special holidays. The preparation is articulate and lengthy but if you follow the indications step by step, it will not be difficult.



100 grams butter
100 grams beef
100 grams veal
50 grams pork
50 grams dried mushrooms
1 slice of prosciutto crudo minced
1 carrot
1 celery stalk
1 onion
4 mature tomatoes


100 grams rice
1 small envelope saffron



Cut the onion, carrot and celery in small pieces and sauté in butter. Make sure not to burn the ingredients because the recipe will be compromised.
risotto alla primogenita 2

Add 100 grams of rice and stir to blend rice and vegetables.

rice alla primogenita 3

Mince the three different types of meat and add to the rice. Then add the minced prosciutto and a ladle of broth and cook on a medium flame.
risotto alla primogenita 4

Cut the tomatoes in small pieces and add to the ragout. Add salt and cook for a few minutes until all the ingredients blend together.
risotto alla primogenita 5

Half way through cooking time, add the saffron and the mushrooms which have been softened previously in warm water.
risotto alla primogenita 6


risotto alla primogenita 7


risotto alla primogenita 8
Cook slowly and add small amounts of warm broth from time to time

Once the ingredients are ready, prepare your serving dish with various colorful layers topped with parmigiano  cheese.

Serve Rice alla Primogenita with a glass of red wine: Gutturnio Frizzante Podere Casale.

risotto alla primogenita 9

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