The praiseworthy job of environment conservation


The entire Piacenza Province abounds in magic and magnificent places to visit. All over tourists can view beautiful landscapes and farm holidays in the Piacenza Province have carried out an important role in conserving the land and centuries old rural architecture.

The relaunch of eco-friendly tourism, able to give value to and protect the environment, eno – gastronomic tradition, national agricultural products, can be attained only through farsighted synergy between public and private development.

Farm Holidays can be the fulcrum to a new policy of development of tourism based on these values. That the beauty of the surrounding landscape represents a motive of attraction for tourists seeking beauty, tranquillity, history and culture  is demonstrated by the work of numerous praiseworthy private entrepreneurs, some famous, who have chosen the hills of the Piacenza province  to build their buen retiro.


Recent reports inform us of editors, journalists, designers, show businessmen,  who have chosen Val Tidone as their vacation destination.

Colli Piacentini“One of the most recent to discover Val Tidone, a small Chianti only50 kilometersfrom Milan, is Alessandro Profumo Ex manager bought  a  farmhouse near Tassara, a small village of 30 souls and a high concentration of VIPs……… Alessandro Dalai – Baldini & Castoldi Editor – happy owner of a buen retiro in Val Tidone. Not more than100 metersfrom Dalai’s residence, Profumo can run into the Repubblica Newspaper journalist Michele Serra and Peppino Turani; the economists Jody Vender and Guido Rossi; the designers Etro, the advertiser Annamaria Testi and in nearby Val Trebbia, the singer Gianna Nannini. Rumors have it that ex Minister Tremonti has fallen in love with Val Tidone and has confided to Bossi that he prefers Val Tidone to his beloved Dolomites.”

We can conclude without any doubt that a vacation in one of the beautiful Farm Holidays of the Piacenza Province guarantees absolute peace amidst extraordinarily beautiful landscape.