June 2013: events in Val Tidone valley

JUNE 14-15-16-17

FESTIVAL OF OLD TIME FLAVORS Gragnano Trebbiense Piazza pace from 19.00 to 24.00 Dancing and Sunday the festival is dedicated to traditional gastronomic products, booths beginning in the morning.June 14th; 19.00 gastronomic booths open; 21.30 Evening Dedicated to Youth Concert of Déjà vu June 15th: 19.00 gastronomic booths open: 21.00 Dancing with “Bagutti” Orchestra June 16th: 19.00 gastronomic booths open: 21.00 Dancing with “Katia” Orchestra June 17th; 19.00 gastronomic stands open : 21.00 Dancing with “Marianna Lanteri” Orchestra Organized by the Gragnano Proloco in collaboration with the Municipality of Gragnano. Info:


LADIES FESTIVAL Festival organized in favor of the “Armonia Association. 19.00 Dinner in Piazza Municipio Info:

JUNE 15th & 16th

VILLAGE FESTIVAL Fontana Pradosa, Castel San Giovanni. Week end full of music and good food. Soccer Field Fontana Pradosa. Gastronomic Booths open from 19.00 to 21.00. Music entertainment. Info:

JUNE 16th

REGIONAL BIKETOUR OF TWO VALLEYS Regional Bike Competition. 7.30 Meeting in Piazza Municipio Gragnano. Departure at 8.30 speed control up to Trevozzo after which bikers are free. Arrival Gragnano, festival at Proloco with refreshments. The twelve most numerous teams will be awarded. Organization: ASD GS Costa di Gragnano .Sponsored by the Municipality of Gragnano.

LUIGI CREMONA ORCHESTRA CONCERT Agazzano. 21.00 Rocca di Agazzano Concert with the Luigi Cremona Orchestra to celebrate the 40th anniversari.

VAL TIDONE FESTIVAL Rocca D’Olgisio, Pianello. 21.15 Rocca D’Olgisio ( entrance up to 20.45) Bus service from Piazza Alpini,Pianello. Gala of the winners of the Val Tidone 2013 Competition Info: tel. 0385/245798

25th ANNIVERSARY PUBLIC ASSISTANCE Castel San Giovanni. Festivities for the 25th Anniversari of Public Assistance Castel San Giovanni. 8.30 departure of the parade through the town accompanied by the Maggiostrina Musical Band of Cortemaggiore. 10.30 Holy Mass in Chiesa Maggiore Alpini Choir.

JUNE 21st

VAL TIDONE FESTIVAL Borgonovo V.T. 21.15 Corano ( Borgonovo Auditorium in case of bad weather) Val Tidone Etnica /Jazz, Classica: Modern Bachianas Quartet feat Elisabetta Garetti (Italy) Info: Tel.0385/245798

VAL TIDONE FESTIVAL Calendasco  21.15 Piazza Municipio ( Castello in case of bad weather) Val Tidone Etnica/Jazz: Blue Dolls –Italian Swing Info: Tel. 0385/245798

JUNE 21-22

ARTISAN BEER FAIR Piozzano At the soccer field 4 local beer producers present 12 unique beers. Live Concert: June 21st 21.30 Cani della Biscia; June 22nd Dorno Emigrantes & Babbutzi Orkestar. Mixed Grill , vegetarian and local cuisine, Saturday multi-ethnic aperitif. Saturday starting at 17.00 dance lessons, lessons of beer tasting and beer production plus Friendship Parade organized by G.S.Gabriele. Free Entry.

JUNE 21-24

SAN GIOVANNI FAIR Castel San Giovanni Piazza XX Settembre & Corso Matteotti; traditional fair dedicated to the patron saint. June 21st 21.00 Teatro Verdi Opera Lirica “La Sonnambula” June 22nd Piazza Cardinal Casaroli commedy in local dialect “ Laughing is good for your health” presented by the Allegra Combriccola. June 23rd Holy Mass held by Monsignor Piero Marini; 19.00 Conference held by Monsignor Marini at the oratorio; 20.30 Piazza Casaroli “Tortellata di S.Giovanni” and Dog Show. 22.00 Piazza Casaroli 70/80 music with the T.S.D.C. Group June 24th Booths, childrens entertainment and dancing with the Daniele Cordani Orchestra. 18.00 solemn religious ceremony at the Chiesa Colleggiata and traditionl “candle Consignment”. Food and entertainment offered by the Proloco. Info: Comune di Castel San Giovanni tel. 0523/88978

JUNE 23rd

20th MOUNTAIN BIKE CROSS COUNTRY GRAN PRIX – WINE & SALUMI VICOBARONE Friends of mountain bike Vicobarone organize the annual mountain bike competition through the surrounding vineyards and hills for a total 7,5 chilometers.The competion is open to all the organizations of the Consulta. Rendezvous at 8.00 Borgo Poggio Diola Vicobarone.Info:

JUNE 28th

VAL TIDONE FESTIVAL Pecorara 21.15 Piazza XXV Aprile ( parish hall in case of bad weather). Val Tidone Ethnic Jazz: Carling Family- Crazy Jazz (Sweden)

JUNE 29th

MONTEBOYS PARTY 9th Edition, Pecorara play ground. Sports in the afternoon, gastronomic booths and dancing in the evening with Cani della Biscia, Bandaliga, Defender. Info: Comune Pecorara Tel. 0523/999110

JUNE 29th- 30th

GUTTURNIO FESTIVAL Montalo di Ziano Soccer field next to the church. Two days with the king of the festivities Gutturnio – good food and dancing. June 29th: 19.00 gastronomic booths and dancing with “Marcolino” Orchesta. June 30th: 12.00 lunch in the farmyard, 19.00 gastronomic stands and dancing with “Davide Ziglioli Orchestra.