Podere Casale wines in New York

Daniela Rigamonti in New YorkI arrive in New York at dusk. The taxi ride from JFK airport to Manhattan always offers a breathtaking view of the skyline as you approach the city and this time the skyscrapers reflect the setting sun.

As we get closer and cross the Washington Bridge, the Freedom Tower built on the ruins of the Twin Towers, soars up in the sky to greet me and for a moment I feel a shiver run down my spine.

New York City is always a unique emotion. The skyscrapers, the taxis, all the different people from all over the world.

My trip to New York involves presenting The DOC Colli Piacentini Wines to the City. There are countless restaurants in this city with just about any food but obviously my wines are best with Italian Cuisine.

I am presenting the DOC  Gutturnio Superiore Red Still Wine. A unique blend of Barbera and Bonarda grapes which together offer a wine that has structure and at the same time is fruity and mild.

I am so proud to see joy and surprise in the eyes of those who taste Ortrugo, an ancient indigenous white grape cultivated by the Etruscans. Could it be that the so called international wines have made their time? If I judge the response to my wines I would have to say yes. New emotions, new wines and new sensations are sought for now.

It is very cold and New York is covered with snow. Black birds in Central Park are looking for something to eat as are the squirrels hopping from one tree to the next. But the DOC Colli Piacentini Wines offer warmth to the heart and soul of this magnificent city.

Daniela Rigamonti

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