Stewed donkey meat INGREDIENTS FOR 4

600 grams donkey thigh
1 cm slice pancetta
1 white onion
1 celery stalk
1 carrot
1 glass red wine
200 grams tomato sauce
garlic clove
nutmeg, pepper, clove, cinnamon







Stewed donkey meat has two charateristics: dark color and strong taste. If it is not marinated sufficiently, the meat will be tough and the taste too strong. It is not difficult to cook, but it requires time. If you decide to cook this recipe, buy quality ingredients and start your preparation a day ahead.

Stewed donkey meat on the table

Start by chopping the meat in tiny pieces. You can also choose not to chop the meat but in any case marinating is essential. Place the meat in a container with chopped onion, garlic, laurel, celery, and spices. Cover with abundant red wine and marinate for at least 5 hours best 12.

Stewed donkey meat preparation

Remove the meat from the spiced wine, which you will keep. Saute’ the chopped vegetables in olive oil  and add minced pancetta. Add the meat and brown on all sides. Simmer with red wine, add tomato sauce and cook for at least five hours on a very low flame. If the juice dries, add broth or hot water with laurel and spices.

Stewed donkey meat 2

Stewed donkey meat 3

The amount of time required for cooking depends on the amount of meat. When the meat is tender, your Stewed donkey meat is ready. Make sure to add broth during the cooking and avoid burning the meat. Once the meat is ready, serve with red Gutturnio Riserva Podere Casale

Stewed donkey meat and Gutturnio Riserva

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