Arrosto alla Farnese

A veal roast a la Farnese is always on the menu in Piacenza: mixed roasted meats are usually served but we are preparing the recipe that calls for only veal.


600 grams veal
30 grams bacon
200 grams prosciutto crudo
extra virgin olive oil


Contrary to what is generally thought, this recipe is quite simple: patience and careful dosage of best quality ingredients is all you need.

arrosto crudo

First slice the veal and place the slices on the table each close to the next so it seems like one continuous piece. Add salt and pepper and cover with prosciutto.


Veal Roast a la Farnese: preparation

Veal Roast a la Farnese: preparation


Arrosto di vitello alla Farense preparazione 2

Proceed to sealing by rolling the various layers until a sausage is formed and tie with a string in various parts so that it does not break during cooking.

Arrosto alla farnese preparazione 3


Arrosto alla Farnese preparazione 4

Dice the bacon, add  aromatic herbs and cover the roast with this mixture on all sides.

Arrosto alla farnese 5

Place the roast in a cooking pot where you have added extra virgin olive oil and saute for about ten minutes on all sides. The flame should be high.

Arrosto alla Farnese 6

When the roast is brown on all sides, lower the flame and cook for an hour and a half  adding white wine and warm water from time to time.

Veal Roast a la Farnese

Veal Roast a la Farnese

When your roast is ready, remove it from the pot and let it rest for about ten minutes. When it has cooled, slice and cover with its sauce.

Serve with a red Gutturnio Superiore Podere Casale Wine.

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