batarò e gutturnioBatarò is a typical type of bread which is prepared above all in Val Tidone; it is a flat bread ideal with the typical cold cuts of the Emilia Region but also very tasty in the sweet version with  peanut butter or jam. Batarò should cook in a wood burning stove: but if you do not have one then a frying pan that closes tightly can be used. The taste will be less traditional but equally good









700 grams flour
100 grams corn flour
50 grams olive oil
1 cube beer yeast
500 ml water


Preparation is not complicated and only requires patience: first a large bowl is required. Put water and yeast in the bowl.

Batarò ingredienti

Slowly add flour and salt.

Batarò, preparazione

Work the ingredients until you obtain a smooth round dough.

batarò preparazione 2

Place the dough in a sealed container and let it rise for at least half an hour.

Once the dough is ready, cut several 200 gram pieces, make new balls and let them rest until they have doubled in size.

When leavening is complete, roll out the balls to a flat oblique shape.

Coat with olive oil and cook in a wood burning stove or in a sealed pan.

batarò cottura

As the batarò swell, a crust forms on the outside indicating they are ready. Remove from stove when they are still soft otherwise they get too dry and will not be good.

batarò abbinamento

Your batarò are ready: choose whether to serve with DOP Piacenza cold cuts with a red Podere Casale DOC red Gutturnio Frizzante wine, or with a nut cream or jam to be served with a white sweet DOC Podere Casale Malvasia Passito wine.

batarò abbinamenti

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