Botte da Orbi the first beer of Podere Casale

Paolo Mattavelli


Paolo Mattavelli has a full black beard which bestows him the authority of a philosopher. We are talking about real authority, acquired in the field, mug after mug, because Paolo is a true beer expert, a real master. His school, where you can learn his art, is his store: the Gorgonizer beershop, his small grand kingdom.

With over four hundred types of beer from thirteen countries, Gorgonizer opened in March 2011, and has become, in a short period of time, a benchmark for beer lovers not only in Martesana.

Aside from selling the beers he personally selects for his store, Paolo organizes courses to learn how to make beer at home and periodically beer tasting sessions with matching food. But there is more……

Paolo directly produces some special beers from  his own  original recipes. The first born l’Inaffidabile Ipa, created in 2013, is an Indian Pale Ale, mixed pacific American hop, with fruity, bitter herbaceous notes. In 2014, 3000 litres of this beer was produced in the Doppio Malto Brewry of Erba.

GrandMissChot was also created in 2014. This beer was launched during the Gorgonzola Sagra in September. An English Brown Ipa, a blend of English and American hops with dominant coffee biscuit malts. 8 % vol. is well tolerated until you get up from the table. 270 litres have been produced at Birrificio Licor Dei in Gessate.

In September 2013, Paolo asked Podere Casale to create a new beer aged in wooden barrels, but not just any barrel. Paolo asked  to use the barrels where our 2011 and 2012 Gutturnio Superiore  had been refined. Medium-strong toasted French oak barrels which add aroma and tannins.

We immediately and enthusiastically  accepted and after fourteen months “Botte da Orbi” came to life: a strong Scotch Ale, refined in barriques where Gutturnio Superiore had aged, with an addition of vanilla for only 300 unique bottles.

Botte da Orbi

Botte da Orbi the first beer of Podere Casale, is malty and toasty at the nose, with a smooth slight honey finish. The barrique refinement gives a vanilla finish. “Toffee and dried fruit end the trip, but slowly sipping this beer will offer an entire world to be discovered” as Paolo enlightens us.

This project was successful thanks to Birrificio Licor Dei in Gessate where the beer was produced. Thanks to the knowledgeable hands of master Giampietro, Geo for friends, an authentique personality in the field of beers; under the technical supervision guaranteed by Paolo Mattavelli, and as stated above, with the participation of Podere Casale that supplied the barriques for the six month refinement.




Botte da Orbi is sold, while stocks last, at beershop Gorgonziner in Gorgonzola, via Italia 78, tel: 0291327532, cell: 3389939730, at birrificio Licor Dei in Gessate,  via Monza 107/32 int. 16 tel: 0295383727 cell: 3277154153. Or at Podere Casale upon reservation.

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