Marubini in brodo

Marubini in broth

Marubini in broth is a typical dish from the Cremona area but also quite popular  in Emilia Romagna, above all in the Piacenza province, where numerous variations can be found. It is a pasta with a filling very similar to cappelletti widespread in Northern Italy, also served in a broth, even if they are delicious with a sauce. Today we will give you the recipe for the pasta and its filling, rigorously meat, cooked in a vegetable broth ( bouillon  cubes are absolutely forbidden).

Marubini in brodo



100 grams ground beef
100 grams ground veal
100 grams ground pork loin
100 grams ground chicken breast
30 grams prosciutto crudo in a single slice
piece of butter
50 grams grated parmigiano
1 carrot
1 celery stick
1 white onion
1 egg
1 glass white wine
Extra virgin olive oil
Dash of nutmeg
Dash of salt
Dash of pepper

Ingredienti per i Marubini


We shall start with the preparation of the filling.

1. Carefully wash the vegetables. Cut them in pieces and place them in a pan with olive oil and

2. Add all the different types of ground meat plus chopped prosciutto crudo

3. Slowly saute’ vegetables.

4. Add the meat.

Preparazione ripieno dei Marubini

5. Cook for a few minutes stirring from time to time.

6. Add white wine.

7. Add salt, pepper and a pinch of nutmeg which gives an intense rich flavour to the filling.

8. Cook on a very low flame for two hours, stirring from time to time.

9. Eliminate the vegetables and let the meat rest in a casserole.

Preparazione ripieno Marubini

10. Place the meat in a mixer until you have obtained a creamy mixture.

11. Add an egg, parmigiano, another pich of nutmeg and blend together.

The filling is ready.


We now proceed to the preparation of marubini.

1.Roll out the dough and cut strips 3 centimetres thick; cut the strips into squares

La sfoglia per i Marubini

2.Place a spoon full of the filling in each square.

I Marubini, preparazione

3.Fold the pasta to create small triangles.

4.Turn the triangle and seal.

Marubini: la chiusura

5.Wrap the borders around your finger to obtain marubini.


Now prepare the vegetable broth.

1. Cut celery, carrots and onion into pieces.

2. Put the vegetables into a soup pot full of water.

3. Add bay leaf, salt, pepper and, if you wish, juniper berries.

4. Cook for over 2 hours on a low flame.

5. Eliminate the vegetables.

6. Your broth is ready.

Last step…

Cook your marubini in the broth for 10 minutes. The amount of time necessary depends on the texture of the pasta. Taste to make sure they are ready. Good appetite!

Marubini: la cottura

We suggest you match this dish with a red wine:  Podere Casale Sparkling Bonarda

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