Roast Coppa

coppa cruda

There are various ways to prepare roast coppa: we are going to follow the traditional recipe of Piacenza which does not include pancetta. In many areas, pancetta is tied around the roast. With or without the addition of pancetta, roast coppa is a very delicious dish, in any season, and very easy to prepare.

1 kg. pork coppa
Glass of white wine

The first step for a good result is to buy your coppa from a good butcher who will cut the perfect slice of  coppa. We have calculated 1 kg. for 4 . At this point, you are half way through the preparation. Simply cover both sides of your slice with aromatic herbs of your choice, salt and pepper.

coppa condita

Roll your slice and tie adding rosemary under the string you use to tie.

coppa legata

Place the meat in your pot, saute on a high flame for a few minutes. Do not add oil.

The pork will release its own fat.

coppa in padella

Once the meat has browned, add a glass of white wine and turn the meat until the wine has evaporated.


Heat your oven to 190° C and cook for about an hour. Check the roast constantly to avoid burning the meat.

coppa rosolata

Once your roast is ready, slice and serve with its sauce and roast potatoes which can cook directly with the roast.

coppa arrosto affettata

Serve with Gutturnio Superiore Podere Casale.

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